Elleai D'Amore Attempts to Deny Her Famous Identity?

Elleai D'Amore - The most down-to-earth star in Hollywood attempts to temporarily abandon her famous name.

"Model, actress and Rock & Roll glamor girl Elleai D'Amore lands herself in hot water after a failed attempt to temporarily disassociate herself with her famous name catches up with her." - NYLON Magazine.

In light of rumors Elleai D'Amore is making her triumphant return to the Hollywood Spotlight, a tale of her lonely and desperate attempt to make "regular" friends has emerged, shedding more insight on the down to earth star.

In an attempt to disassociate herself with her famous history, Elleai D'Amore has landed herself in some hot water with a close group of friends due to her conveniently 'forgetful' memory in terms of her famous notoriety.

Nineteen year old D'Amore shot to fame in late 2004 when she was booked by a string of international designers to front their various Winter, Spring and Fall lines alongside prestigiously managed top name models and catwalk queens.

After moving from Spain to the United States, Elleai begun to make a name for herself in the European and American markets as a face for major brands GUESS, Louis Vuitton and EKO despite her typically "small" height for a fashion model.

After her rave success in the fashion market, Elleai unexpectedly chose to forgo furthering her modeling career, at the dismay of her fans, suspected to be in relation to her increasing substance abuse (although these suspicions were never confirmed) and romances with "bad boy" male models and surfers.

A 5 foot 6, resident Princess of the Rock and Roll World, Elleai D'Amore, who before her successful campaigns with labels Old Navy, Louie Verdad and Calvin Klein, had only been on television once before (in the audience of MTV's TRL the previous year) had always maintained that she wanted to "return" to the industry at some point, but never specified her direction. After finishing her final year of school, Elleai chose to 'take some time for herself' and focus on her plans for the future.

"Although her popularity never decreased dramatically, the spotlight was off her for long enough that the hype eventually died down, and people began to focus on celebrities that were constantly making headlines," confirms a source. "Elleai was thankful for this opportunity to 'disappear', it was the break she needed."

But for the highly recognizable Elleai, making friends and maintaining a 'regular' lifestyle was seemingly difficult, particularly in her localities of New York City and Los Angeles where she remained a celebrity.

Six months after her final campaign with swim wear brand TigerLily, and after a bold family move to move to Australia (to be closer to a Specialist for her Father's health), Elleai says she attempted to form relationships with people on the basis of her newfound 'regularity.'

"In Australia she wasn't as popular because all of her work was based in America, Europe, South America... She wasn't huge in Australia. A fair few people recognized her face, die hard fans of the fashion world you could call them, but making friends here without mentioning the "F" factor [fame] seemed like a possible accomplishment," Confirms a source.

And for some time, Elleai's plan seemed to roll out glitch free, until her personal MySpace page gained rave attention, accumulating over 1 million comments in an 8 month period from devoted fans worldwide creating suspicions among her new Australian friends as to her true identity.

Websites dedicated to "busting fakes" [MySpace account holders who are accused of identity theft after uploading another users images as their own] such as fakersbusted.com name Elleai D'Amore (alongside Kristin Cavallari, Jessica Alba, Mary-Kate Olsen and President George Bush) as one of the most faked celebrities/personalities online, particularly via the MySpace online community.

In Elleai's case, this overwhelming statistic also worked against her as she suddenly became caught in the middle of accusations from her Australian friends that she was posing as another person after accounts begun to emerge using Elleai's pictures, information and even similar MySpace URL's.

"Her friends were starting to come across accounts that had pictures of her [her MySpace "fakes"] or pictures of her body with someone else's face photoshopped on top, pictures of her face on someone else's body, distorted pictures of herself, pictures of Elleai that had been edited so they didn't look like the original, all kinds of weird appropriations of her pictures. Her friends became distrusting towards her and some even treated her like a black sheep, believing that whatever MySpace account they had found with an edited picture of her was possibly the 'real' girl from the picture [suggesting Elleai had tried to adopt the identity of someone else]," Says a friend, "It was a hard time for Elleai. She lost some people she truly cared about because they lost faith in her honesty."

Another friends says, "...some people started to catch on, searching her name on google to see what came up and then would suddenly find themselves overwhelmed with her name appearing on Fashion Model directories, fansites dedicated to her, blogzines talking about her, pictures, biographies about her, facts, and even gossip," says a friend, "people were starting to think, "what the hell, Elleai's famous?" and became annoyed that she hadn't told them about it. It set her relationships with people back a huge step, she even lost a friend because of it."

Article to be continued.


- Elleai D'Amore Dresses Like Homeless Person At DISNEYLAND.
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Elleai D'Amore Dresses Like Homeless Person To DISNEYLAND

Earlier this month, the delightful Elleai D’Amore graced DISNEYLAND HK with her breathtaking presence - or should we say street urchin appearance? Ungroomed and unkempt, Elleai D’Amore looks more like a street-hobo then boho-chic.

Perhaps a big night, or perhaps - for once - her fashion just hasn’t been up to scratch.

Taking a break from her usual 3 to 5 inch heels and mix of designer labels and her signature rock couture, Elleai steps out in GUCCI ballet flats, ripped, torn and tattered 7Seven jeans and what appears to be 5 or 6 layers of shirts finished off with her trademark, beach-bum, rock-show, messy-do hair style. Sounds flashy enough, but to the fashionista eyes of the Hong Kong locals (to which Elleai is usually at par) this must have been an insult to every fashion statement ever made.

Surprisingly enough, friend and fashion twin Mary-Kate Olsen wasn’t arm in arm with Elleai this time, which makes no sense, because only Mary Kate could have implemented such a bad fashion choice.

Despite her ragged and lousy appearance, Elleai was spotted looking rather well put-together later that evening, during a night of Hong Kong clubbing and booze after dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a Jesse McCartney look-a-like in oversized VOGUE sun shades. Was it Jesse McCartney? Somebody better warn Katie Cassidy.


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Shia LaBeouf Leaks Naked Elleai D'Amore Pictures

Naked pictures of nineteen year old Elleai D’Amore have apparantly leaked onto the internet via a t-mobile sidekick. The pictures include racy poses, finger in mouth gestures and a sensually provocative image of Elleai standing before a mirror with her extra-long hair covering her nipples.

Turns out, 21 year old actor, Shia LaBeouf has a past history with Elleai. People.com report that in his early acting days (On DISNEY channel’s ‘Even Stevens’ as Louis) he developed a crush on Elleai when he met her during a Mickey Mouse Club event.

Seems the tables have turned and it’s now Elleai who is doing the chasing - sending naked pictures of herself to Shia, who tried to print them from his sidekick, but managed to somehow store the information in his tmobile log… online. Bizzare behaivor for the respectively shy Elleai, but it appears her rock and roll nature and proclaimed “sexuality” are proved.

Although her agent and managers (not to mention her parents) are frantic working on any damage control, the images may see the light of online day for the public sooner than she hopes. A website called celebnaked.com plans to host the daring images of D’Amore in the next few days.


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Elleai D'Amore And Lizzy DeVine Get Cosy

Rumors of a raunchy romp between 25 year old VAINS OF JENNA frontmen Lizzy DeVine and 19 year old actress Elleai D'Amore have emerged amongst the hype of DeVine's band.

A usually romantically exclusive Elleai was spotted getting close to the rock and roll singer in a private booth at celebrity hotspot Hyde, before leaving through separate exists and reuniting at DeVines black cadilac parked outside.

So is there a romance between the Princess of rock and roll and the upcoming superstar?

"No," says Elleai, "I'm single."

Dealing with her own heartbreak, friends and family of the typically rock-esque Elleai shed their own worry for her lifestyle and health.

"She's not dealing with it well, it's not so much the person itself, but more the repetitive concept of failed relationships she's struggling to cope with." Says a friend.


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HARAJUKU GIRL - Elleai D'Amore



- The Fashion World In a Buzz Over Elleai D'Amore
- Elleai D'Amore Dresses Like Homeless Person at DISNEYLAND Hong Kong


Is Elleai D'Amore The Most Blogged About Girl In The World?


The Virtual Unknown That Broke Elleai's Heart

Worry for model and actress Elleai D’Amore have become the prerogative for her friends and family after a failed attempt at a relationship has left her stability in the balance. Nineteen year old Elleai (who was formerly dating professional skater Sean Piercely) has been left heart-broken once again - but this time, not because of a cheating boyfriend.

It appears that this time around, Elleai is the cause of the romantic melt-down. Her MySpace account attracted rave attention after it was clear that all sentiment of an unknown male “Jacob” were removed after a 5 month long “lovey-dovey” escapade. Fansites and gossip spots for Elleai D’Amore clued in on the dramatic change, but no one, not even Elleai, was prepared for the emotional rip-roar that was to follow.

“There used to be, ‘I love Jacob’ and ‘Jacob this, Jacob that’ all over her page, all of the time. One day, it was all gone. People could see comments on her page from her friends, attempting to soothe the obvious heartbreak she was dealing with. Comments from her in reply mentioned that she couldn’t fathom what had happened, “one night he’s telling me I’m amazing, and the night after he’s telling my best friend that he doesn’t feel like that anymore. I feel led on - even if it was out of warped compassion, I feel stupid.” She comments to a friend.” Says a source.

So, who is Jacob? And why the sudden change of heart? Turns out Jacob, translates to Jacob White, a 20 year old relative “nobody” and University student that Elleai “instantly fell for” after a series of conversations.

“She loved the normalcy of it all. With [Sean] it was different, he was a true manipulator of status. He used his name, and her’s, to get female attention… and it worked.”

After 16 long months, Elleai terminated her relationship with skater Sean Piercely after discovering his passion for infidelities, especially with her best friend. Elleai D’Amore’s seventeenth birthday brought light to her boyfriend’s cheating ways when she discovered him in a passionate position with her best friend in the garage.

“He was f***ing her next to the beer fridge, is that what you want to hear? She was naked, he was naked, limbs everywhere. It makes me feel sick. And no, I don’t want to try again.” Elleai angrily answered WEEKLY reporters when approached outside a shopping mall just days after the scandal.

Elleai and Jacob: a match made in never?

“It’s quite obvious they should be together,” replies a friend to our enquiry.

After years of terrible boyfriends, Elleai D’Amore describes her relationship out look as, “Bad boyfriends made me insecure, new boyfriends leave me because of it.” Perhaps that is the reason behind the Elleai and Jacob debacle, a rocket that never left the ground.

Seems Elleai D’Amore has a lot of emotional baggage to figure out before she can finally be happy, although that may be harder than it sounds. With a past history of mild drug and alcohol abuse (documented after school records indicated that the honor student was infact suspended after crystal meth and a drink bottle of vodka were found in her locker) suggest that Elleai’s coping mechanisms haven’t always worked in her benefit.

Family and friends of the broken-hearted star remain worried and on high-alert about the increase in Elleai’s alcohol intake and dependancy on other men, namely professional surfer Koby Abberton. The pair have been spotted several times during Elleai’s [trip?] to Queensland, Australia, with many of the sightings suggesting that a constantly drunk Elleai may be searching for love in the arms of - anyone.

It remains obvious to those close to Elleai that she is not over “Jacob” by any means, although her exterior tries to prove otherwise. And although the direct reasons by the ’split’ remain speculative, we wonder just what Jacob was thinking when he walked away from Elleai D’Amore.

In the meantime, Elleai fans hope that Prince Charming will find Elleai, and become one of the good boyfriends. Bad boyfriends made her insecure, new boyfriends leaver her because of it? There’s someone out there who will stick by the beautiful Elleai to mend her broken heart, crushed by years of pathetic boyfriends. We guess that Jacob, just wasn’t one of them.